2nd German Galaxy Developer workshop, Friday, October 21st, Freiburg

    3rd Swiss Workshop
    2nd German Developer Day

    On the second day of the Swiss German Galaxy Days 2016, we will organize a Galaxy Developer Day in Freiburg.


    The developer day will be held at the Universität of Freiburg


    We will start at 9:30 on Friday as well. There will be no fixed schedule, but we expect to finish between 5 and 6pm.


    The second day is the traditional developers day and we are planning to have 3 to 4 hands-on sessions (1.5h). Every session will start with a 10 minute talk and theoretical introduction, followed by 1h of hacking and 20 minutes discussion and a small break until the next session begins. We have a few proposed and prepared topics but we are flexible so we can discover new areas of the Galaxy.

    Proposed topics:

    • ‘expand’ reports tool (API, Galaxy DB, JS)
    • Creating Conda packages and Docker containers (Conda, Docker, Tools)
    • Creating new Galaxy Docker flavours (Docker, Admin)
    • Enhancing training with Galaxy tours (JS, Training)

    Please let us know what you are interesting in.


    Contact Hans-Rudolf Hotz or Björn Grüning