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BOSC 2013    MS SIG 2013: Beyond the Proteomics    ISMB/ECCB 2013

Galaxy at ISMB/ECCB, BOSC, and MS SIG 2013

Galaxy had a significant presence at ISMB/ECCB, BOSC 2013, and MS SIG 2013. This page lists all known Galaxy related events and presentations. If you have something that isn't listed, please add it below (or send it to [Galaxy Outreach](mailto:outreach AT galaxyproject DOT org)).

Date Event Time Title & Presenter Links
19 July Mass Spectrometry SIG (MS-SIG) 11:30-11:45 Innovative, Reproducible MS-based Proteomic Informatics in the Cloud for Emerging Applications with Galaxy-P and CloudBioLinux, John Chilton Prezi
BOSC 14:00-14:25 Refinery Platform - Integrating Visualization and Analysis of Large-Scale Biological Data, Nils Gehlenborg Slides
20 July BOSC 10-45-11:10 BioBlend - Enabling Pipeline Dreams, Enis Afgan Slides
11:50-12:05 Reproducible Quantitative Transcriptome Analysis with Oqtans, Vipin T. Sreedharan Slides, Video, Poster
13:30-13:45 Towards Enabling Big Data and Federated Computing in the Cloud, Enis Afgan Slides
14:00-14:15 An update on the Seal Hadoop-based sequence processing toolbox, Luca Pireddu Slides, Video
14:15-14:30 Open Source Configuration of Bioinformatics Infrastructure, John Chilton Prezi, Slides, Video
16:00-16:25 Community development of human variant calling and validation pipelines, Brad Chapman Slides, Video
16:25-16:40 Understanding Cancer Genomes Using Galaxy, Jeremy Goecks
This will also be presented as poster 19.
Slides, Graphic, Video
21 July ISMB/ECCB Technology Track 14:10-14:35 TT09: Understanding Cancer Genomes Using Galaxy, Jeremy Goecks Slides
22 July ISMB/ECCB Workshop 11:30-11:55 Big Data publishing, Scott Edmunds Slides
Odd Poster Session 12:25-14:10 B55: Galaxy LIMS for next-generation sequencing, Jelle Scholtalbers
F57: RNA-Seq Analysis of Eucalyptus Genotypes that Differ in Carbon Allocation, Adhemar Zerlotini
H37: GWIS: Online exhaustive bivariate GWAS in minutes, David Rawlinson Poster
N047: Clustal Omega, Desmond Higgins
O097: An Integrated Systems Biology Platform for Complete Proteogenomic Analysis, John Chilton Poster
23 July ISMB/ECCB Workshop 10:30-12:25 Bioconductor and Galaxy: examples of successful bioinformatics networks, Wolfgang Huber and Jeremy Goecks; part of The “How To Guide” for Establishing a Successful Bioinformatics Network Slides
Even Poster Session 12:25-14:10 A66: GRANATUM-LiSIs: Making complex in silico predictive models accessible to wet biologists, Ioannis Kirmitzoglou Poster
B26: GenomeSpace: An environment for frictionless bioinformatics, Michael Reich Poster, Graphic
B60: Tools for the correction, analysis and visualization of next generation sequencing data, Fidel Ramírez Poster
B62: Medilaxy: A Galaxy Platform For Medical Image Analysis, Marco Carnini Poster
ISMB/ECCB Workshop 14:10-16:05 Integrated Visualization and Computing for Biomedical Research, Nils Gehlenborg, Jeremy Goecks

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