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BOSC 2016    ISMB 2016

Galaxy at ISMB and BOSC 2016

Galaxy has a significant presence at ISMB 2016 and BOSC 2016. This page lists all known Galaxy related events and presentations. If you have something that isn't listed, please add it below (or send it to [Galaxy Outreach](mailto:outreach AT galaxyproject DOT org)).

BOSC 2016

BOSC runs July 8-9.

Date Time Title & Presenter Links
July 8 10:45 GenomeSpace: Open source interoperability platform with crowd-sourced analysis recipes
Ted Liefeld
Slides, Poster, Video
11:03 This is Why We Can Have Nice Things: Getting to 1.0 of the Common Workflow Language
Michael R Crusoe
Slides, Video
11:57 Planemo – A Scientific Workflow SDK Slides, Video
12:03 Sample Size Does Matter: Scaling Up Analysis in Galaxy with Metagenomics Slides, Video
16:00 Panel: Growing and sustaining open source communities
July 9 12:15 Development of NGSEP as an open-source comprehensive solution for analysis of high throughput sequencing data
Jorge Duitama
Slides, Video
2:40 Reproducible Research in the Cloud with the Refinery Platform
Nils Gehlenborg
4:00 Apollo Genome Annotation Editor: Latest Updates, Including Galaxy Integration
Mónica C. Muñoz-Torres

ISMB 2016

ISMB 2016 runs July 10-12.

Date Time Title & Presenter Links
July 10 3:30 OP34: Hidden RNA Codes Revealed from in vivo RNA Structurome
Yin Tang
5:40 E22: Clustering Gene Ontology terms using different similarity measures – comparison of the measures performance and visualization of the dependences among Gene Ontology terms
Aleksandra Gruca
N25: Fast and Accurate Fusion Transcript Detection Using the Trinity Cancer Transcriptome Analysis Toolkit
Brian Haas
O31: Data integration of omics data: a network-oriented approach
Renato Guimarães Delfino
July 11 5:40 N48: Hidden RNA Codes Revealed from in vivo RNA Structurome
Yin Tang
July 12 2:40 TT23: Large Scale Analysis with Galaxy Slides