March 2015 Penn State Using Galaxy Workshop

Galaxy Meetup @ Penn State

Hey Everyone,

This will be an informal meeting open to anyone interested in data analysis, genomic tools and biology workflows. Anton Nekrutenko of the Galaxy team will be delivering an introduction to the resources available to start using the Galaxy application from a practitioner's viewpoint. Multiple Galaxy Team members will be available for any additional questions.

Thanks and hope to see you there!


  • Mar 17 (Tuesday) only

    • 4PM to 7PM
    • W203 Millennium Science Complex
    • Based on your interest collected in the form linked below we will select the more popular or both of the terms and let you know via email.
  • Refreshments and snacks will be available.


Millennium Science Complex, University Park Exact room will be announced later.


Please indicate your interest or RSVP using this form.

General agenda

  • Introductions
  • ~60 minute informal presentation introducing the basics of using Galaxy
  • Break for food
  • Informal Q\&A
  • Discussions about Galaxy topics that are of interest to audience.
  • Socialize

What is Galaxy and why could it be interesting to me?

Galaxy is a web-based, open source, data integration and analysis platform for life science research. The core pillars of the application are:

  • Accessibility: enable bench scientists to create bioinformatics analyses
  • Reproducibility: facilitate computational methods to be completely easily reproducible
  • Transparency: enable easy sharing and publishing of research data and analyses

A sample instance of the application that is free to use is available at Although focused around Galaxy, this workshop is open to anyone interested in the above topics without their specific ties to the application.