Galaxy Webinar Series

The Galaxy Webinar Series features short online talks that have Galaxy as a focus. Anyone can attend these. Videos of most webinars are available. Webinars are hosted all over the world, and happen at least once a month. Want to know when webinars are coming? Follow @GalaxyProject on Twitter or subscribe to the Galaxy-Announce mailing list.

See the Galaxy Event Horizon for a complete list of upcoming events.

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Events in the past 12 months:

19 January 2022

Galaxy in AnVIL for structural variants.

ASHG Workshop, Online, United StatesTraining offered by GTN Member Michael Schatz
28 October 2021

ANZ PacBio Bioinformatics Workshop Series, Online, Australia Gareth Price
22 October 2021

Gallantries Project: Delivering Galaxy hybrid events, and evolving with the pandemic

EOSC-Life training series, Online, Europe Helena Rasche
21 October 2021

ANZ PacBio Bioinformatics Workshop Series, Online, Australia Gareth Price
20 October 2021

Organised by the Galaxy Proteomics communities in the US, Australia and Europe.

International Galaxy Proteomics Meeting Series, Online, Global Johan Gustafsson, Grace Hall, Pratik Jagtap
16 August 2021

...upload viral sequencing data, call all variants, create a variety of reports and create consensus alignments...

Metaproteomics Webinar, HUPO Reconnect 2021, Online, Global Pratik Jagtap
22 June 2021

The GenAP team invites you to a free webinar

GenAP, Online, Québec, Canada
17 June 2021

L’équipe du projet GenAP vous propose un webinaire gratuit

GenAP, Online, Québec, Canada
10 June 2021

Analyze your own data in VectorBase (Register)

VectorBase, Online, United States Presenters
29 May 2021Git and Its Use in Galaxy

Sponsored by BioClues, TMS Foundation and Galaxy India (Google Meet)

Online, India Kiran K Telukunta
26 May 2021Galaxy Resources for Administrators & Infrastructure Providers

Part of the Galaxy Resources Webinar Series (Slides, Video)

Galaxy Resources Webinar Series, Online, Global Gianmauro Cuccuru, Lucille Delisle