Set up your own community

There are many communities established within Galaxy. We call them Special Interest Groups. We have SIGs based for example on region or domain of science but if you feel like you just don't see your own or don't feel identified with them, you can create your own community!

Below you'll find a suggested path to follow before you can start your own community, a list of Do's and Don'ts and also useful links you should probably check out.


Learn the basics about Galaxy

First of all, you should start with our dedicated Get Started page to get a head-start of what Galaxy is about. You'll find all the necessary resources and you could even participate in the Galaxy Mentorship Network to get started with the help of a Galaxy Mentor.

Learn about Tool Development

Galaxy has many tools already installed and ready to be used but when creating your community, you'll probably need specific tools for your Galaxy analysis. Don't worry, see our dedicated page for Tool Authors where you'll find everything you'll need and also reach out to the Tools Working Group via Gitter.

Don't forget to follow the Best Practices for writing Galaxy Tools.

Get involved

Do's and Don'ts

This curated table was made with the help of Community member's experience in hope to avoid obstacles in your path to create your Community.

Be patient! Take the time to learn the basics about Galaxy. Hurry and dive in straight to create without knowing a lot about Galaxy and its workarounds.
Ask if a tool for what you need already exists before starting to develop one. Get hazy with all your tool's possible needs as there are many installed already that can be close to what you would like.
Request your tool to be reviewed, avoid managing your repo alone! Be a lone wolf. The main servers may not want to install your tool as they want to make sure it follows the standards they have defined for developing tools.
When you happen to need a tool: Make the tool -> write the training -> set up an event. Repeat events and take advantage of Galaxy’s infrastructure (Smorgasbord, CoFests, GCC, etc.) to improve your tool ,maximize its use and receive feedback from the community. Set to create very specific tools and avoid feedback.
Use already established servers. Asking for a subdomain within the server is a great option! Set up a server all by yourself (consider resources, complexity, security issues and more).