Issue Reporting

Galaxy Issue Reporting and Feature Requests

Galaxy uses GitHub issues for tracking down bugs and feature requests. Please make sure you search the list for duplicates before creating a new issue.

Security issues

Serious security problems should not be reported via GitHub - please responsibly disclose these as explained in this document.

Usage problems reporting

Please report problems with tools and general usage to the biostar support forum.

  • If you can reproduce on Main, you may be asked to send in a tool error report or share a history link. Use Options/Share or Publish, generate the link, and email it directly back off-list at bug mailing list. Note the problem dataset #'s.
  • If data is involved, leave all of the related datasets in the analysis thread leading up to the bug in your history undeleted until we have responded to you.

Bug reporting

Please create a GitHub issue and make sure to include:

  1. Where you are using Galaxy (Main, local, or cloud instance).
  2. Bug reports from Test are generally not sent
  3. Galaxy version (usually can be obtained at https://galaxy.example/api/version)
  4. The date/time the bug was detected
  5. Exact steps to reproduce the issue
  6. What troubleshooting steps (if any) you have tested out