Intergalactic Utilities Commission


Intergalactic Utilities Commission

The Intergalactic Utilities Commission (IUC) was established in 2012 to enable the pervasive use of the main Galaxy Tool Shed by ensuring the repositories available include contents that are functionally correct and optimized for installation into local Galaxies. When appropriate, the group provides guidance to Galaxy tool developers so that they can improve the quality of their repositories.


  • Maintains a set of high quality Galaxy tools in the GitHub repository. This repo serves as an excellent example and inspiration to all Galaxy tool developers.
  • Cultivates and shares the Galaxy tool development best practices document.
  • Provides support to tool developers on a public Gitter channel.


IUC membership evolves over time and helpful community contributors are asked to join.

Member Joined GitHub
Daniel Blankenberg, Galaxy Team, Penn State University founding member @blankenberg
Dave Bouvier, Galaxy Team, Penn State University founding member @davebx
Peter Cock, The James Hutton Institute founding member @peterjc
Nate Coraor, Galaxy Team, Penn State University founding member @natefoo
Björn Grüning, University of Freiburg founding member @bgruening
James Johnson, University of Minnesota founding member @jj-umn
Nicola Soranzo, Earlham Institute Aug 25, 2014 @nsoranzo
Helena Rasche, University of Freiburg Aug 25, 2014 @erasche
Youri Hoogstrate, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam Oct 7, 2015 @yhoogstrate
Marius van den Beek, Institut Curie Oct 12, 2015 @mvdbeek
Greg Von Kuster, Penn State University founding member @gregvonkuster
Anthony Bretaudeau, GenOuest BioInformatics Platform May 11, 2016 @abretaud
Saskia Hiltemann, Erasmus University Medical Center Jun 14, 2016 @shiltemann
Lance Parsons, Princeton University Oct 28, 2016 @lparsons
Bérénice Batut, University of Freiburg Feb 14, 2017 @bebatut
Maria Doyle, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Nov 11, 2017 @mblue9
Simon Gladman, University of Melbourne Nov 11, 2017 @Slugger70
Matthias Bernt, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) Jul 20, 2018 @bernt-matthias

Inactive members

  • Brad Chapman, Harvard School of Public Health | founding member | @chapmanb
  • Edward Kirton, U.S. Department of Energy | founding member |