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G-OnRamp Beta Testers Workshop: Invitation

Create genome browsers for collaborative annotation of eukaryotic genomes.

Washington University in St. Louis

Oregon Health & Science University

A collaboration between the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP) and the Galaxy project, the G-OnRamp Project aims to enable educators and researchers to create genome browsers for collaborative annotations of eukaryotic genomes. G-OnRamp uses Galaxy workflows to construct evidence tracks (e.g., protein sequence similarity, gene predictions, RNA-Seq, repeats) and display the results on the UCSC Genome Browser or JBrowse. Educators can use G-OnRamp for hands-on learning in data-intensive biology; researchers can use G-OnRamp for best-practice annotation of novel genomes.

We will hold two beta testers workshops this summer on June 20-22 and July 25-27, 2017 at Washington University in St. Louis that will demonstrate how you can use G-OnRamp to create genome browsers for your favorite genomes. To receive future announcements regarding registration for these G-OnRamp workshops, please register your interest. Travel and local costs are supported by NIH BD2K grant 1R25GM119157. Questions can be directed to Jeremy Goecks (Galaxy), or Sarah Elgin (GEP).