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GCCBOSC2018 Training Topic Nominations

Choose your own training adventure!

GCCBOSC 2018: Nominate Training Topics

Nominate a training topic Now

The joint 2018 Galaxy Community and Bioinformatics Open Source Conferences start with training and the training topics are determined by you. Please take a few minutes to consider what you would like to learn at GCCBOSC2018. Any topics of interest to these communities can be nominated.

GCCBOSC2018 will be held 25-30 June in Portland, Oregon, United States. It will feature two days of training: the second of which is multi-track and will feature content for both the BOSC and Galaxy communities.

Nominated topics can cover a wide range. For example:

  • How to use open source software using just a web browser (e.g., Intro to Using Galaxy)
  • How to use software packages (The Newbie's Guide to BioRuby)
  • Advanced applications of software (Genome Assembly with Galaxy, or Proteomics with BioPython)
  • Software installation and configuration (Tool Wrapping for Galaxy, or Using CloudLaunch)
  • Open source community (Building a Curation Community using Apollo, or Training using the Galaxy Training Network)

These are only examples! If you are looking for ideas, see topics nominated for GCC2017, GCC2016, GCC2015, and the Galaxy Events page, which lists what training the community is offering outside of GCCs. Training is not limited to Galaxy-related topics. Don't be afraid to think inside the BOSC!

Basically, if you think the communities would be interested in a topic, then please nominate it!

Nominated topics will be published as they come in.

Topic Nominations close January 7. Topics will be compiled into a uniform list by the GCCBOSC2018 organizers, and then voted on by the community starting one week later.