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Christophe Caron

You will be missed

Christophe Caron

Hello all,

We are sorry to pass on the news that Christophe Caron suffered a fatal heart attack last week while playing football (his favorite sport). He was 50 years old.

SFBI has set up a tribute page to Christophe. A post by Jacques van Helden and Claudine Medigue includes this:

Christophe was appreciated by all of us for his enthusiasm, his energy, his will to move forward everything he was undertaking, his ability to federate, his love of collective work, his continuously good humor and joie de vivre ... the list is long.

Indeed it is. Christophe seemed to be everywhere in the Galaxy community. His day job was director of the Ingenum Unit at INRA, but he was also a leader of the French Galaxy Community, an organizer of the 2017 Galaxy Community Conference in Montpellier, and was involved with Workflow4Metabolomics, Migale, ABiMS, and a host of non-Galaxy efforts as well.

Fred de Lamotte, another GCC2017 organizer, ends his tribute with:

The void he leaves is immense, we still had so much to do together.

Rest in peace Christophe, you will be missed by the community.

Dave C