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The Galaxy platforms directory

Use/launch a Galaxy server, right now

125+ platforms to use Galaxy on

We are pleased to announce the new Galaxy Platform Directory for

  • public Galaxy servers,
  • academic and commercial cloud services,
  • containers, and
  • VMs

This directory lists 125 platforms where you can use or deploy your own Galaxy Server with minimal effort.

  • Almost all of them are free to use (Commercial clouds are the exception)
  • Almost all of them are open to everyone (Academic clouds are the exception).
  • All of the resources can be used, either immediately, or shortly after getting an account.

These resources cover a wide spectrum of domains all across life sciences. There are resources for genomics (lots of them), metagenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, drug discovery and even some outside biology like natural language processing (a couple of them), and social science.

This directory replaces the previously separate public server, cloud service, and virtual appliance directories. Everything is now in one spot.

Go ahead, give it a spin.