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Experienced Galaxy user / programmer / administrator for consulting work

Sarepta Therapeutics is looking for you

Develop Galaxy-based solutions for Sarepta Therapeutics

Sarepta Therapeutics is looking for an experienced Galaxy user/programmer/administrative user to set up a pipeline either on local server or Cloud environment. This will be a consulting type of work, applying

  • QC reads and trim adapter and low quality reads
  • Create QC report using MultiQC tool
  • Map and align the reads to reference genome (in our case plasmid reference sequence)
  • Create report and summary of how well the reads mapped to reference genome
  • Use variant calling tools to detect any variant (SNP, in/dels etc.) and determine their frequencies
  • Add new or update existing tools used in workflow .
  • Blast the reads unmapped to reference genome to either custom database or know databases to characterize the unmapped reads.

Interested? Please give Mehmet Karaca a shout.