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Galaxy Release 20.01

Workflow Reporting, Workflow Executions, Screenreader-friendly navigation

We are pleased to announce the release of Galaxy 20.01 - developer and admin release announcement and user release announcement. A few release highlights are:

Workflow Executions Menu

This menu can be reached from the User menu -> Workflow Invocations and lists your recent Workflow executions, their status and links to the Workflow Editor and the History with the results of the Workflow run.

Enhanced workflow functionality

Workflows can now make use of optional datasets and optional parameters, optional parameter default values and dataset inputs can now be restricted to user-defined datatypes. The workflow editor and execution engine have been enhanced to allow defining options to choose from, and these options can be connected to compatible text, integer, float, color and select tool parameters for more flexible and universally reusable workflows

Galaxy Markdown Pages and Workflow Reports as PDF

An additional link has been added to Galaxy Markdown Pages and Workflow reports that exports your document as a standalone PDF.

Screen Reader friendly Navigation

The top menu and the Workflow Editor have been improved for easier navigation using Screenreaders and the Keyboard.

Email-notification for completed jobs

You can now select to be notified by email when a tool run has finished.

Thanks for using Galaxy!