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Mississippi is dead! Long live Mississippi!

Everything old is new again


The new Mississippi [2] server is up and ready at https://mississippi.sorbonne-universite.fr. You can now register and upload you data here. Every tool installed in Mississippi [1] should be already installed in Mississippi [2]. We are still migrating some public libraries and reference genomes, let us know if you are missing some old buddies from the first Mississippi.

This Mississippi [1] server will normally run until June 1st, 2020. At this date, its file database will be put in a "read-only" state. Viewing histories and Downloading will remain possible, but running tools will be impossible.

On September 1st, 2020, a redirection from https://mississippi.snv.jussieu.fr to https://mississippi.sorbonne-universite.fr will be installed. Thus, Mississippi[1] will no be accessible anymore.

See you soon in Mississippi [2] !

Christophe Antoniewski @ ARTbio