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Georgia Doing on the JXTX Foundation: Funding + Community

This award that came with not only financial support, but an entire community.

The JXTX Foundation's first activity was to sponsor 10 graduate students to attend the 2020 Biological Data Science Conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Awards were competitive and we were delighted with our first round of participants.

Georgia Doing, a scholarship awardee and graduate student in the Hogan Lab at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth has this to say:

Georgia Doing

Attending the CSHL Biological Data Science meeting as a JXTX awardee was more intellectually edifying than even my high expectations. Meeting with field-leaders as mentors was such a valuable experience that provided me with a diversity of guidance and perspectives that is profoundly influencing my research and professional development as I finish up my PhD work in microbiology and plan my transition into postdoctoral research in computational biology. Mentors, presenters and fellow poster-presenters and attendees were all so welcoming and engaging that conversations are continuing weeks after the meeting itself and giving rise to interactions that I suspect will last years and even careers. The critical support and preparation I received from the JXTX committee fostered these lasting relationships. I am so thankful to have received this award that came with not only financial support, but an entire community.

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