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Anoushka Joglekar: Making Connections via the JXTX Foundation

Connected us to some incredible scientists who ... are passionate about mentoring students and eager to see us succeed.

The JXTX Foundation's first activity was to sponsor 10 graduate students to attend the 2020 Biological Data Science Conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Awards were competitive and we were delighted with our first round of participants.

Anoushka Joglekar, a scholarship awardee and graduate student in computation biology at Weill Cornell Medicine has this to say:

Anoushka Joglekar

In graduate school, deadlines are fuzzy and milestones subjective. The JXTX scholarship program provided us with an opportunity to weigh our research progress and contextualize it within a group of fellow graduate students. The organizing team really cared about making our experience at a fully virtual conference as interactive as possible and facilitated dialogue between the awardees. They also connected us to some incredible scientists who, in addition to being experts in their respective fields, are passionate about mentoring students and eager to see us succeed. I benefited immensely from being a JXTX awardee and I cannot wait to celebrate the science being produced by my peers and future awardees!

Please help further the careers of junior researchers by making a contribution to JXTX: The James P. Taylor Foundation for Open Science.