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Get involved with Galaxy: Introducing Galaxy Working Groups

In a big way. Join the Dec 10 Galaxy Developer Round Table

Hello All,

Galaxy Project

Galaxy has grown a lot of the years, going from a project at one university in 2005 to the global community it is today. Several parts of the Galaxy ecosystem have become avowedly and obviously community driven during that time, including tools, code, training, and several other international efforts. It is past time to push this global model to other areas of Galaxy as well.

At the December 10 Galaxy Developer Roundtable we will introduce Galaxy Working Groups as a means for the community to help manage and contribute to key parts of the Galaxy ecosystem.

If you are interested and are potentially willing to contribute some of your time and effort to helping the global Galaxy effort, then please attend this roundtable on December 10. If you can't make it, the gathering will be recorded and published shortly after the event.

Initial set of Working Groups

The initial proposal includes these topic areas:

  • Backend: APIs, core framework, performance
  • Deployment: Ansible, K8s, cloud
  • Outreach/training: GTN, content, events
  • Scientific applications: using Galaxy, publications
  • Testing and hardening: release and deployment testing
  • Tools: wrapping, installation, and maintenance
  • UI/UX: scale, accessibility, consistency
  • User support and documentation: help, Hub, user & dev docs
  • ** Usegalaxy.* **: running services, synchronization

Thanks, and hope to see you on December 10,
Björn Grüning and Anton Nekrutenko