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Galaxy Release 20.09 Video Summary

GTN in Galaxy, upload from Dropbox, workflow enhancements, better performance!

We are pleased to announce that you can now learn about new features the 20.09 Galaxy release in a short video by Gareth Price of Galaxy Australia.

The 20.09 release of the Galaxy platform was announced on November 17th, including developer and admin and user release notes..

A few release highlights are:

Those highlights include

  • The Galaxy Training Network tutorials can now be accessed from within Galaxy and vice versa/
  • Galaxy administrators can now configure different sources from which users may upload files. These include global or user-specific WebDAV servers, dropbox accounts as well as FTP and regular filesystem locations. Developers can add new types of sources by adding PyFileSystem2 compatible plugins.
  • Datasets can now be uploaded directly from Tool Forms.
  • Workflow import from GA4GH TRS servers such as Dockstore and WorkflowHub.
  • Simplified workflow submission form
  • Accelerated (100x) batch job creation and workflow step scheduling

Thanks for using Galaxy!