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2021 Galaxy Community Conference will be virtual, global, and affordable

And globally accessible

The 2021 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2021) is moving to a virtual format. Things are just too uncertain to continue to plan an in person event for early July. Moving online presents many challenges, but also offers opportunities for making this event more accessible and affordable than an in-person event. GCC2021 is embracing those opportunities and we are pleased to announce

  • GCC2021 events will be held twice each day, once in their original Ghent time zone (GCC EMEA/APO), and again 8 hours later in the Americas (GCC Americas).
  • Registration rates will be a fraction of the cost of an in person event, and will include a significant discount for students and researchers based in low and lower-middle income countries.

GCC2021 will be accessible and affordable in every country and time zone.


Training will be offered from 28 June through 2 July, the week before the conference. Training will be a mixture of asynchronous lectures and hands-on work, and synchronous help sessions. Training offerings will be identical in both zones.


The main meeting will be 6-8 July. Oral presentations will be prerecorded and offered in both zones. Q\&A, poster and demo presentations, birds-of-a-feather, and social gatherings will all be live.


A multi-day CoFest will follow the meeting and also span the globe.

Registration, Fellowships, and Abstract Submission

These will open once the training schedule is announced.

Please plan on joining the Galaxy community, online, this June and July.

Hope to see you there,
GCC2021 Organizing Committee