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Next Papercuts CoFest is March 18

Please join us to make the Galaxy a better place


The March Papercuts CoFest is this Thursday. Like previous Papercuts events, it will start in Melbourne, Australia and then follow the sun for the next 24 hours before ending in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Communication will happen on the main Galaxy Gitter Channel and GitHub all day. We are dropping the regularly scheduled calls this month, but people can still setup calls as needed during the day.

If you aren't familiar with Papercuts, they are day long events to fix irritating but small issues in the Galaxy Ecosystem. They are a great way to both improve Galaxy and to welcome newcomers.

Want to participate? Between now and Thursday, please identify Papercuts issues and create issues in GitHub. Please provide enough information that people know what the issues is. On Thursday please join us on Gitter and GitHub.

We hope to see you there!