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Galaxy Participating in the December 2021 Outreachy Internship Cohort

Galaxy Community accepted into Outreachy; 2 project proposals open


We are pleased to announce that Galaxy will be participating in the December 2021 Outreachy Internship Cohort. Outreachy is a "diversity initiative that provides paid, remote internships to people subject to systemic bias and impacted by underrepresentation in the technical industry where they are living." Galaxy was accepted as an Outreachy community in September.

Potential interns apply first to Outreachy, and then to work on specific community projects. Galaxy has two proposed projects. We have confirmed funding for one intern, and possible funding for a second intern. Our two projects are:

  1. Establish Galaxy Community Mentor Network

    • Mentors: Bérénice Batut and Assunta DeSanto
  2. Improve our onboarding process of new Galaxy communities

    • Mentors: Anne Fouilloux and Beatriz Serrano-Solano

Both projects focus on mentoring and onboarding: one for new communities (think climate, image processing, material science, etc.), and one for new individuals. If we secure funding for two interns then the two projects will reinforce each other.

We want your help!

Participants apply for internships by contributing to open source projects during the contribution period. For this cohort, the application period starts October 8 and runs through November 5. During this time, applicants get in touch with mentors, and make contributions.

We have been warned by the EDAM folks (you may have met the EDAM Outreachy interns at GCC2021) to expect a lot of questions and contributions during this time. To avoid overwhelming the main Galaxy communication channels we have set up the GalaxyProject/Outreachy room on Gitter. If you are interested in the two project, or in helping potential interns contribute to Galaxy, then please join us there.

Thanks, and hope to see you in chat,
Anne Fouilloux, Assunta De Santo, Beatriz Serrano-Solano, Bérénice Batut and Dave Clements