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Training Infrastructure Feedback from Hans-Rudolf Hotz and Lucille Delisle

After 2 years running the SIB "Galaxy Introduction for Life Scientists" course only online, we were super happy to stand in front of a crowd and meet again the students in person. Thanks to TIaaS, we could offer the students an easy to set up working environment (i.e. just login and go to the provided TIaas URL).

We were working with the new version of the Reference-based RNA-seq tutorial which included the new feature: "Choose Your Own Tutorial". A big Thank You to Helena for implementing this in time. Despite a few minor hick-ups, it all went smoothly.

The students also seemed happy and enjoyed to be able to ask questions directly. It was much easier to help them but also to catch their attention. We are looking forward to teaching the next in person course.

Lucille and Hans-Rudolf