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GCC2022 Call for BoFs

Birds of feather flock together at GCC


There is no better place than the GCC2022 Conference to meet and learn from others doing data-intensive science. Birds of a Feather (BoF) meetups are informal gatherings where participants group together to discuss common interests.

There are 4 sessions for BoFs, one at the end of each day of the conference The current list of BoFs is available on the conference web site.

Want to organize a BoF?

To launch a Birds of a Feather meetup submit your BoF idea here. Once submitted, conference organizers will create the BoF in the conference schedule, and then start promoting the BoF to participants.

It is entirely up to you how a BoF is organized, and can also have a social focus. For example, you may adopt a structured approach with presentations, an agenda-driven event, or just an open-ended discussion. Whichever model you choose, please ensure there is time for discussion so participants are engaged.

The deadline for submissions is July 15th but we encourage earlier submissions so that participants can plan their program accordingly. The Conference Organizers will then create a schedule page for the BoF and advertise it.

Want to attend a BoF?

It's easy. Just show up.

However, BoF and conference organizers will thank you if you indicate your interest on the web page for any BoF you are interested in. You'll need to already be registered for the conference to do this.