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Tool form improvements

New pull request from Laila Los merged: Tool form improvements

The tool form is a central part of Galaxy and for every interface that is used by every user very frequently. During the last release cycle the Tool form saw many small improvements to apply various "quality of life" changes.

Here are the changes (in no particular order):

Sticky Title Bar

Screencast 2022-08-31 16:46:10.webm

The Title bar now follows the panel scroll. This is helpful in large tool forms.

Second Run Button in Title Bar


The second run button in the sticky title bar ensures that a user can run a tool from anywhere in the tool form. Both buttons states are linked, and disabled simultaneously when the button was pressed.

Rename "Execute" to "Run Tool"

Before After
image image

"Run Tool" is a more specific wording than execute, as in addition to the action, it also clarifies what the action applies to. The buttons icon was also changed from a check-mark, to a play symbol.

Remove Button Size and Text Morphing

Before After
image image

This PR moves the "Please Wait..." text which appears when the button enters a loading state to a mouseover, instead of displaying it on the button. This follows UX best practices to always have a button text be an action, also when disabled or preforming said action, and to avoid suddenly resizing elements when the user does not expect it.

This change, as well as the symbol change, also affect the WorkflowRunForm.



New sections have been added to the tool form, which make use of semantic heading elements to improve accessibility.

Priority Break Points

Before After
image image

Priority break points in the title bar cause it's text to prefer breaking at set locations, rather than words, in order to maintain coherent blocks of information on each line.

Show Current Version in Version Select


Thanks to the reviewers Nicola Soranzo, Dannon and Aysam Guerler. Check out the code at #14549