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Remembering Simon Gladman: a Galaxy star goes dim

Have you seen my new watch?

Have you seen my new watch?

Simon Gladman loved unusual watches. During European Galaxy days this past October Simon was showing all of us his latest solar watch. He was passionate about everything that he did. He was a cheesemaker, a firefighter, a board game enthusiast, beloved father and one of the most genuinely good and generous people that you can imagine. He was ingrained in the fabric of the Galaxy Project and a member of the Australian Biocommons. A sysadmin and community builder, a traveler that understood how to bring people from different continents together. But more than that he was a friend to many of us in the Galaxy community. Simon’s clock ran out way too early - he died last Saturday, November 26, of a heart attack while playing paintball with his children.

Our thoughts are with his family.
The Galaxy Project

Simon Gladman is sitting on a couch, he looks absolutely happy as can be, staring into the camera and giving a thumbs up. He has salt and pepper hair and a scruffy grey beard that look like he hasn't slept in a few days. He is wearing his firetruck red indiana galaxy community conference shirt.