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An Update to Galaxy Cloudman

A new version of CloudMan for running Galaxy on Amazon cloud has been released yesterday. Any new cluster will automatically use this version. Existing clusters will have a link displayed at the top of the CloudMan console offering to perform an automated update.

The new version brings the following updates/features:

  • Added ability to specify a path where Galaxy is installed as part of user data (using galaxy_home key). This allows custom Galaxy application to be installed and picked up by CloudMan instead of the default one. This works across cluster invocations as well as for shared clusters. For a complete list of user data options see cloudman/userdata
  • Use /etc/profile instead of /etc/bash.bashrc for system wide shell logins
  • Support for 3.0 Kernel on Ubuntu 11.10 for SGE. Contributed by Brad Chapman.
  • Fix for SGE install after cloud-init has run and changed /etc/hosts
  • post_start_service now runs if the script exists in the cluster bucket even if no URL was provided as part of current user data
  • Fix recognition of existing and attached file system volumes on instance reboot