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BioBlend v0.5.2 Released

BioBlend v0.5.2 has been released. BioBlend is a python library for interacting with CloudMan and the Galaxy API. (CloudMan offers an easy way to get a personal and completely functional instance of Galaxy in the cloud in just a few minutes, without any manual configuration.)

This is mostly an incremental bug fix release with the following summary of changes:

  • BioBlend.objects: enable email & password authorization
  • Enable ToolShed tar ball uploads
  • BioBlend.objects: allow deletion of history and library datasets
  • BioBlend.objects: fixed library dataset downloads
  • Fixed the ToolShed tool installation method
  • Add 'deleted' attribute to DatasetContainer
  • Handle data_type changes in the Oct 2014 Galaxy release
  • Renamed get_current_history() to get_most_recently_used_history()
  • A number of documentation improvements and other small fixes

See the commit messages for more details.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think,

Enis & John & Simone Leo & Nicola Soranzo & The Galaxy Team