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Bioinformaticians, Freiburg

Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg, Germany has an opening for a Bioinformatician for an initial period of two years. The successful candidate will work at the interface between an in-house deep-sequencing facility (HiSeq-2500) and the various research groups at the institute. Main responsibilities include

  • primary analysis of deep-sequencing data and quality controls
  • maintenance and extension of existing analysis pipelines
  • data and software management for the Bioinformatics Group
  • training and consulting

Most of the above tasks are executed within the context of our Galaxy platform that will have to be administrated and further developed. There will be ample opportunities for direct collaborations with research groups and methodological developments.

See the full job posting for further details.

Bioinformatics Uni-Freiburg

The Bioinformatics group in Freiburg, Germany recruiting creative and motivated PhD students, postdoctoral scholars or software engineers with a strong interest in RNA and NGS related bioinformatics. PhD students will work in one of our research projects and get an insight into RNA-Bioinformatics and NGS, while postdocs will have the opportunity to furthermore define their own research agenda.

Our lab has two main research areas:

  • The Galaxy project, which is an open, web-based platform to support computational biomedical research. We are integrating new tools as well as interactive visualizations into Galaxy and working closely together with Galaxy community. Besides our strong NGS focus we are also driving the development of a cheminformatic Galaxy workbench. This project is highly community- and cooperation driven, with partners from industry and academic.
  • RNA research, which includes local sequence-structure and multiple alignment of RNA, RNA folding, energy landscapes for RNA and also protein design and protein-protein Interactions.

Candidates should have a background in one or more of the following areas: genomics, computer science, visualization, or bioinformatics. A strong interest in programming and software development is as crucial as being passioned to solve scientific problems. Our lab is located in Freiburg, a beautiful university city in the south west of Germany with the Black Forest, France and Switzerland just around the corner and excellent research facilities all over the city.

Please contact Bjoern Gruening for further details.