2013 Galaxy Day Report

December 17th 2013

Galaxy Day

The 2013 Galaxy Day event took place at Institut Curie in Paris, 4 december. Program and presentations are available online.

The Galaxy Day began with the presentation of the French Galaxy working group.

Three session were then scheduled.

In the first session, 2 presentations related the virtualization of galaxy instances. Virtualization can be a convenient way to (i) simplify storage and data sharing (Marius Van den Beek, Drosophila Genetics and Epigenetics Lab, Université Paris VI) and (ii) to set up a scalable environment for training (Franck Samson, Unité Mig/Plateforme Migale INRA).

This first session was also the time to give feedback on instance installation and maintenance: In the context of a small lab (David Roquis, Laboratoire Ecologie et Evolution des Interaction, Université de Perpignan) and in the context of a big institute (Olivia Doppelt-Azeroual, Institut Pasteur).

The second session contained three types of presentations: (i) general galaxy activities around platform (GUGGO group represented by Cyril Monjeaud and Yvan Le Bras, and PRABI platform represented by Vincent Navratil) ; (ii) administrator and user advices to maintain and use a Galaxy service (Vladimir Daric from IGM, and Sébastien Carrere representing the CATI BBRIC) ; (iii) and an administrator tool proposition from Alban Lerminne (Institut Curie) to manage Galaxy datasets in standard user unix accounts.

The third session contained three lightning talks about global feedback from different communities (David Benaben from CBIB, Claire Toffano-Nioche from IGM, and Franck Giacomoni from INRA representing a metabolomics research community).

Olivier Inizan and Jean-François Dufayard