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GCC2014 Training Day Topics: Vote!

GCC2014 Training Day

What topics should be offered at the GCC2014 Training Day?

Topics for the GCC2014 Training Day are selected by you, the Galaxy Community. For GCC2014 there are 19 nominated topics to pick from. Your votes will determine the topics that are offered, which topics should be offered more than once, and which ones should not be scheduled at the same time. Your vote matters.

Topic voting closes January 17. The Training Day schedule, including instructors, will be published before early registration opens on February 10.

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About the GCC2014 Training Day:

The 2014 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2014) will start on June 30 with a Training Day featuring 4 parallel tracks, each with three workshops, each of which are two and a half hours long, for a total of twelve sessions. There will be at least one complete track (3 consecutive workshops) about using Galaxy for biological research, and at least one full track on deploying and managing Galaxy instances.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.


The GCC2014 Organizing Committee