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Genome analysis PostDoc in Oslo

A postdoc position is available in Oslo (Norway) on the development of statistics/machine learning-based genome analysis methodology integrated with the Galaxy platform. The aim is to pioneer the development of sophisticated and streamlined software systems for broad use cases within integrative genomics, where the specification is deliberately somewhat broad in order to allow the visions of candidates to influence the exact direction.

The hired postdocs can exploit the Galaxy framework to ensure accessibility, interoperability and reproducibility for the systems they develop, and can further exploit the robust data management and statistical analysis functionality of the Genomic HyperBrowser framework (which is a separate, 90 000 line code base integrated with Galaxy). The positions are embedded within the HyperBrowser environment, which includes seven researchers and programmers working primarily on the development of genome analysis functionality, as well as around thirty more loosely coupled collaborators. For more on the HyperBrowser, check out an overview paper of previous developments, or try out our public server. The salary is good and there are good future career opportunities. Further details on the positions and how to apply are available in the full announcement.

Genomic HyperBrowser