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All data produced by our effort can be found at a public FTP server at ftp://xfer13.crg.eu/. This site was generously provided by the Viral Beacon project.

The root directory of the FTP site contains aggregate files (gx-all_variants.tsv.gz, gx-poisson_stats.tsv.gz, all_consensus.fasta.gz, all_pangolin.tsv.gz, and gx-surveillance.json) as well as directories corresponding to all data processed so far (directories beginning with SRR, ERR, or Estonia). Aggregate files contain variant information from all processed samples.

Global variant list gx-all_variants.tsv.gz

This file contains all variants produced by our effort. It contains the following fields:

#ColumnExample valueMeaning
0SampleERR4859727SRA run ID
1POS22388Position in NC_045512.2 (1-based: genome coordinates start with 1 [not with 0])
2REFCReference base
3ALTTAlternative base
4DP13756Sequencing depth
5AF0.924106Alternative allele frequency
6AF_Illumina_q300.807077Allele frequency computed by lofreq
6SB2147483647Strand bias P-value from Fisher's exact test calculated by lofreq
7DP41,0,13700,0Depth for Forward Ref Counts, Reverse Ref Counts, Forward Alt Counts, Reverse Alt Counts
8EFFECTSYNONYMOUS_CODINGEffect of change (from SnpEff 4.5covid19 version)
9GENESGene name
11AAL276Amino acid (change) in final gene product
12TRIDSGene product name; different from GENE in ORF1ab
13Batch0ce66d803a055fefBatch ID cross-referenced in gx-surveillance.json file

Poisson statistics file gs-poisson_stats.tsv.gz

For each analysis batch we compute allelic variant (AV) exclusion threshold and per-base error rate. The AV exclusion threshold is the number of samples in a given batch a variant must be observed in. This logic comes from the assumption that a fraction of allelic variants with low frequencies are random errors, modeled by a simple Poisson distribution with per-site error rate λ. We tabulate, for each position in the genome, the number of samples that contained an AV with 0.05 ≤ AF ≤ 0.5, inferred λ using a closed form ML estimator (the mean of per-base counts), and plotted the observed number of genome positions with N = 0,1,2… and so on AVs. We then compute the point where the predicted Poisson distribution diverges from the observed distribution, which gives us the AV exclusion threshold. We also provide an estimate of per-base error rate. For details see this script. The file has the following fields:

#ColumnExample valueMeaning
0Batch ID2cc93c20b35de7f2Batch ID cross-referenced in gx-surveillance.json file
1N362Number of samples in the batch
2Error rate6.038988994556521e-07Per base error rate in this sample
3AV exclusion threshold3The number of samples in this batch a variant must be observed in to be kept

Global consensus file (all_consensus.fasta.gz)

Consensus sequences for each sample constructed from the called variants, in which a consensus allele is defined by an intra-sample allele frequency of >= 0.7 and in which low-coverage and ambiguous sites with a variant allele reaching an allele frequency between 0.25 and 0.7 are hard-masked.

Global pango lineage file (all_pangolin.tsv.gz)

A mapping between every analyzed sample and its PANGO lineage designation.

Information about every analysis run

JSON file, gx-surveillance.json, with an up-to-date list of all datasets analyzed so far including URLs to the corresponding Galaxy histories and the TSV datasets. The batch key (0ce66d803a055fef in the example below) is cross referenced in gx-all_variants.tsv.gz and gs-poisson_stats.tsv.gz files. Each batch entry contains information on samples analyzed ("samples") and their collection dates ("collection_dates") and provides URLs to Galaxy histories, consensus sequences (also found in all_consensus.fasta.gz) and graphical representations of variation found in this batch ("batch_plot").

  "0ce66d803a055fef": {
    "batch_id": "NT1666262G",
    "variation": {
      "history_link": "https://usegalaxy.eu/histories/view?id=0ce66d803a055fef",
      "workflow_version": "0.2"
    "samples": [
    "time": "2021-04-20T13:22:46.441010",
    "report": {
      "history_link": "https://usegalaxy.eu/histories/view?id=60c62b0154347389",
      "datamonkey_link": "https://usegalaxy.eu/api/histories/60c62b0154347389/contents/11ac94870d0bb33aca8fa937e3eb6b8a/display",
      "workflow_version": "0.1"
    "consensus": {
      "history_link": "https://usegalaxy.eu/histories/view?id=25c0f632ceb8ed53",
      "workflow_version": "0.1"
    "study_accession": "PRJEB37886",
    "collection_dates": [
    "batch_plot": "https://usegalaxy.eu/api/histories/60c62b0154347389/contents/11ac94870d0bb33a6afe29423c00ff36/display",
    "platform": "Illumina",
    "primer_scheme": "ARTIC nCoV-2019 v3"