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Metadata Explained

Example: Dataset metadata missing or incomplete

  • How to notice if this is a problem

    • The dataset will not download when using the disk icon
    • Tools error when using a specific dataset that has been used before successfully
    • Tools error with a message that ends with: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory. Note that not all failures of this type are due to metadata and may simply be a cluster failure - rerunning the job may resolve the problem instead, but try the solution first.
  • Solution

    • Reset the metadata on the dataset(s). This may be an uploaded dataset or one created by prior tools. It could be one of the input datasets to a failed job.
      • How to: Click on the Auto-detect button found near the bottom of the Edit Attributes form for the dataset. Reach this form using the dataset's pencil icon.
  • If this does not resolve the problem

    • If resetting metadata does fix the issue, then there may have been a transient cluster job failure. Re-run the job at least once.
  • Other problematic dataset FAQ solutions are listed back at the Support hub under "Troubleshooting, but these are not are not based on the same underlying issue.