Missing History

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My History is missing!

If you were working with an unregistered account, the History could really be now lost to you. Get Registered before starting again!

Find any History in your account

  • Locate the History menu gear icon at top of right History panel in the "Analyze Data" view.
  • Select the option "Saved Histories" from this pull-down menu.
  • At the top of the list in the middle panel, click into "Advanced Search".
  • Select "status: all" to see all of your active, deleted, and permanently deleted histories.
  • Histories in all states are archived but still listed for registered accounts at http://usegalaxy.org. Meaning one will always find their data here if it ever appears to be "lost".
  • The exception can be if History has been purged. This requires a double-confirmed user action. Permenently deleted/purged Histories may be removed from the server at any time. The content is removed at the time of purging (and cannot be retrieved), but the History may still be in the list for reference, for some variable time period.

Someone shared a history with me, where do I find it?

When logged into your account, these are located under Histories Shared with Me (a History menu option).

Working with Histories Shared with Me