September 2015 Tool Shed Contributions

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Dependency Definitions

  • From stheil:

    • package_metavelvet: meta-velvetg assembly binary This recipe download and compile the meta-velvetg binary.
    • package_idba: Recipe for downloading and compiling idba. IDBA is a open source de novo assembler for next-generation short read sequences. It is fast, parallel and capable of assembling large scale genomic assembly such as human genome.
  • From anmoljh:

  • From slegras:

    • package_sickle_1_33: Contains a tool dependency definition that downloads and installs version 1.33 of Sickle.
  • From tiagoantao:

    • package_raxml_8_2_3: RAxML 8.2.3 RAxML version 8.2.3 - Phylogenetic inference
    • package_python_3_5: Contains a tool dependency definition that downloads and compiles Python 3.5 Provides Python 3.5 inside Galaxy. This is based on the existing 3.4 definition upgraded to 3.5
  • From takadonet:

    • package_tbl2asn_24_3: Contains a tool dependency definition that downloads the binary version 23.7 of tbl2asn. tbl2asn is an automated bulk submission programtbl2asn is a program that automates the submission of sequence records to GenBank. It uses many of the same functions as Sequin, but is driven entirely by data files, and records need no additional manual editing before submission. Entire genomes, consisting of many chromosomes with feature annotation, can be processed in seconds using this method.

      • Repository-Maintainer: Philip Mabon