Public ToolSheds

In addition to the the main Galaxy and Test ToolSheds, several groups have made their tools available through publicly accessibly ToolSheds:

Galaxy Main Tool Shed

Sits at, is supported by the Galaxy Team, and is the main Tool Shed of choice.

Galaxy Test ToolShed

Test Tool Shed is made for breaking. If you have some tools you want to try out first before making them public in the Main Tool Shed this is the place to go. Test Tool Shed is at

Galaxy@PRABI Tool Shed


Tool Shed backing the Galaxy@PRABI server. Defines bioinformatics tools developed by the research teams working in the perimeter of the PRABI core facility, including kissplice/kissDE, TETools, SexDetector, and priam.

DTL ToolShed

DTL ToolShed

The Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) has made its Galaxy ToolShed publicly available. The DTL ToolShed has almost 70 tools in it, from ANNOVAR to VCF-2-VariantList. This ToolShed was originally started at NBIC.

GUGGO ToolShed

The GUGGO public ToolShed contains over 160 valid tools in 132 repositories in 16 categories. GUGGO Tool Shed is at