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Summary:Automated Processing of SAINT Templated Layouts (APOSTL) is a freely available software suite and analysis pipeline for reproducible, interactive analysis of AP-MS data.


  • APOSTL is an evolving software project with the potential to customize individual analyses with additional Galaxy tools and widgets using the R web application framework, Shiny. The source code, data and documentation are freely available from GitHub and other sources.
  • APOSTL utilizes Significance Analysis of INTeractome (SAINT), a popular command-line software for analyzing AP data. APOSTL can process AP results from MaxQuant, Scaffold, PeptideShaker, or any software that can export mzIdentML.
  • APOSTL can create a number of publication-quality visualizations including interactive bubble plots, protein-protein interaction networks through Cytoscape.js integration, and pathway enrichment/gene ontology plots.
  • An Interactive Tool for Reproducible Analysis of Affinity Proteomics Data, presented by Paul A Stewart at GCC2016.
  • APOSTL -- A staggering number of Galaxy AP-MS tools in a user friendly interface!, a News in Proteomics Research blog post by Ben Orsburn.

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