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Summary:Analysis of genomic data in the field of public health and food safety, with the aim of deploying a comprehensive bioinformatics approach to the study of food-borne zoonoses and infectious diseases at the human and animal interface.


  • The web portal is termed ARIES (Advanced Research Infrastructure for Experimentation in genomicS). Aims:
  • Development of an Information System for the collection of genomic and epidemiological data to enable the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based surveillance of infectious epidemics, foodborne outbreaks and diseases at the animal-human interface.
  • Development of analytical pipelines enabling harmonized, real time multi-genome comparisons, to improve the detection of clusters of cases of infections and allowing the global bio-tracing of pathogens.
  • Development of metagenomics models for the culture-independent detection and typing of pathogens and the study of their interactions with the microbiota in human and animal samples and in the vehicles of infections.

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  • The system can be rebooted any time for service purposes, although generally a warning will be published with some advance on the ARIES site and through the @ARIES_ GENOMICS Twitter account.
  • No backup of data is performed on our servers


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  • Set up and maintained at the [Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS Rome)] by a collaboration between the European Union Reference Laboratory for VTEC and the Data Management Sector.