Galaxy for Ecology

Public server:
Summary:A web platform to get, process, analyze and visualize ecological data


  • Get Ecological data: Get species occurrence data, protocoled data from Vigie-Nature, climatic data from Worldclim
  • Graph / Display Ecological data: Compare sites
  • Animal Detection on Acoustic Recordings: Tadarida-d (from wav file to features), Tadarida-c (from features to species), Tadarida data cleaner, Tadarida identification integration, Advanced restitution: raw approach, Advanced restitution: summary
  • Phenology & Trend computation: Flight curve, Abundance index, Expected temporal trend, Model temporal trend, Autocorrelation test, Linear regression adjusted, Plot abundance
  • GIS objects handling: GDAL Info, GDLA Translate, GDAL addo, GDAL Build VRT, GDAL Merge, GDAL Warp, OGR Info
  • The public server is hosted by the team.

User Support


  • Storage and computational quotas.