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Summary:Integrative 'omics data analysis


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  • Provides access to up-to-date tools and algorithms such as those devoted to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis of: 1) Epigenome: MACS, Homer; 2) Genomic sequence: GATK, Samtools, BEDtools, Picard; 3) Transcriptome: Cufflinks, HTSeq, TopHat; 4) Statistical analyses: DeepTools, S-mart, DESeq
  • GalaxEast provides access to workflows developed for: Motif search, Repetitive element analyses, ChIP-seq data analysis
  • GalaxEast aims at providing a large range of bioinformatics tools for the analysis of various types of Omics data. It supports reproducible computational research by providing an environment for performing and recording bioinformatics analyses.
  • The GalaxEast project has the following main objectives: 1) Provide the academic scientific community with an open and powerful Galaxy instance with a guaranteed availability. The platform offers access to cutting-edge and up-to-date tools for Omics data analysis with help and support. 2) Propose innovative developments and new helpful tools packaged for Galaxy (available in the GalaxEast toolshed) 3) Promote the packaging of new developments for Galaxy (through wrappers and/or toolshed packages).

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  • You must be part of an academic research lab and provide a valid academic email address to get a personal GalaxEast account. Write to to request an account.
  • Academic users are allocated 50GB.