Mandoiu Lab

Public server:
Summary:A customized installation of the Galaxy framework deploying bioinformatic tools and pipelines developed in the Mandoiu Lab at the University of Connecticut for high-throughput sequencing and immunogenomics data analysis


  • Source code and relevant publications for these and other tools developed in the lab are available on the lab software page.

User Support


  • Feel free to browse around and see what is available using user 'guest' and password 'galaxy'. Running jobs requires user registration.
  • We provide this service free of charge and have limited computational resources. While we try to keep the server available as much as possible, un-announced reboots may occur at any time. Histories and datasets will be periodically deleted, so make sure you keep backups. Please also note that data transfer and storage are not encrypted. If there are restrictions on the way your research data can be stored and used, please consult your local institutional review board or the project PI before uploading it to any public site, including this server.