Public server:
Summary:A general purpose genomics server with an emphasis on metagenomics, including FROGS and several Migale developed tools.


  • GeDI is available to map shotgun metagenomes on reference genomes for estimating microbial ecosystems
  • The MetaFoldScan tool scans metagenomes and identifies fold hits associated to a structurally characterized target protein

User Support

  • Email support: help-migale @ inra . fr
  • FAQ (see the Galaxy tab)


  • Must have an account. Use this form to request one.
  • A 20 GB quota is granted to each user. To obtain a quota increase, you must request it via this form.


  • Please thank the facility in your acknowledgements "We are grateful to the INRA MIGALE bioinformatics facility (MIGALE, INRA, 2018. Migale bioinformatics Facility, doi: 10.15454/1.5572390655343293E12) for providing providing help and support."