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Summary:ProteoRE (Proteomics Research Environment)


  • "ProteoRE (Proteomics Research Environment) aims at centrally providing the proteomics community with an online research service enabling biologists/clinicians without programming expertise to annotate and interpret their proteomics data through the Web."
  • ProteoRE currently comprises tools (including graphical display) for:
  • Customary data manipulation (e.g. filtering, lists comparison, ID conversion…)
  • Protein list annotation (e.g. information retrieval from public resources - human species)
  • Functional analysis (e.g. GOterms frequencies, enrichment analysis) including graphical representation.
  • Pathway analysis (e.g. Reactome)
  • This version also includes Galaxy generic tools and some tools from the GalaxyP project that should be of great help for people who want to (re)process their MS-based proteomics data (e.g. peptide/protein identification).
  • ProteoRE tools in the Galaxy Toolshed

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  • Registered user: up to 20 Gb per registered user