Public server:
Summary:General purpose Galaxy server optimized for microbiological genomics applications of interest for public health.


  • Galaxy server is optimized for analysis of Illumina data, but also supports IonTorrent data. Pacific Biosciences and Oxford Nanopore Technologies data are not (yet) supported.

User Support

  • This Galaxy instance is provided 'as-is' with limited user support. Bugs can be reported through the issue reporting functionality of Galaxy and will be investigated.
  • A set of YouTube videos is scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2020 documenting the most interesting tools for public health applications.


  • You must agree and read with the usage policy before using this Galaxy instance.
  • Requires that you create an account to access it.
  • Only 2 jobs can be run simultaneously for a single user. Other jobs will be put into the job queue.
  • All users currently have a 25 Gb quota.
  • Quotas can be increased for collaborative projects.
  • Datasets and histories will be automatically deleted after 12 weeks.