Login to Galaxy

This page explains how to use this feature, for admin-specific docs, please refer to this page.

While anyone can use Galaxy anonymously, it is required to have a Galaxy user account to benefit from all the features Galaxy has to offer. For instance, anonymous users are limited to one history, but Galaxy users can have histories. Also, Galaxy users can leverage their cloud-based storage resources to analyze their data in Galaxy, or persist their histories on their own cloud-based storage---a feature that is not available to anonymous users.

For users convenience, Galaxy offers various methods to create a Galaxy user account. (Note that some of these methods can be disabled on the Galaxy instance you're using as per that instance's configuration.) Depending on the method you choose, you may be creating a Galaxy user account explicitly (i.e., define a Galaxy username and password) or implicitly (i.e., you would not define a username and password, instead you will login with your social identities). In this sections we will explain how to use each of these methods.