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Welcome to the Galactic Blog

It needs you

Today we launch the new Galactic Blog.

The Galactic Blog is a place for longer-form posts that are relevant to Galaxy. (See Galaxy News for shorter-form items.)

Our very first post is about the ELIXIR Galaxy Community and was written by Frederik Coppens, Gildas Le Corguillé, and Björn Grüning.

The Galactic Blog replaces the former Community Log and includes all content from it, which is why, even though the blog is new, it includes entries back to 2013.

The Galactic Blog needs you!

The Galaxy community needs to know what you are doing. If you done something that others would benefit from then please think about creating a Galactic Blog post describing your experiences.

Blog posts can either be directly created to the Hub, or can be posted on your favorite blogging platform and linked to from the Blog home page. See the CONTRIBUTING page for how.

Questions? Ask us.