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Galaxy Docker 17.09

CVMFS and Singularity support

Public Galaxy Server Dashboard

Galaxy Docker 17.09 is now available as bruening/galaxy-stable:17.09 or quay.io/bruening/galaxy:17.09!

As usual it includes the Galaxy release from last week with many, many new feature and bug-fixes. In addition we added the following to the latest release:

  • much improved documentation about using Galaxy Docker and an external cluster (@rhpvorderman)
  • CVMFS support - mounting in 4TB of pre-build reference data (@chambm)
  • Singularity support and tests (compose only)
  • more work on K8s support and testing (@jmchilton)
  • using .env files to configure the compose setup for SLURM, Condor, K8s, SLURM-Singularity, Condor-Docker

During this release we also improved the composed version of the Galaxy Docker stack. Read more about it and try it here: https://github.com/bgruening/docker-galaxy-stable/tree/master/compose

Run it with:

docker run -i -t -p 8080:80 bruening/galaxy-stable:17.09

Feedback welcome!