Galaxy Choices

Galaxy is available in several different ways.

Main -

Galaxy has a free public server at (also known as Main) that can be used by anyone. See Main for more on this option.

Local Galaxy

  • You can install your own local instance of Galaxy. See Get Galaxy for details on how to do this.

  • Alternatively, you can run a full-fledged Galaxy installation using a Docker Image.

Use Galaxy on the Cloud

Another option is to install Galaxy on the Cloud. Cloud is a virtual computational infrastructure provided by vendors that can be rented and scaled as needed. The Galaxy Project also developed and supports CloudMan, a software package that provides a common interface to different cloud infrastructures.

Use Public Galaxy Server

Many Galaxy servers besides Main have been made publicly available by other organizations. One of these may meet your needs. See Public Galaxy Servers for a list.

Get the SlipStream Galaxy Appliance

Get a dedicated server pre-configured with a fully operational Galaxy instance. SlipStream Galaxy minimizes the IT burden of running and maintaining your own local instance with pre-installed analysis tools, pre-loaded datasets, automatic software updates, and a high-performance infrastructure designed to handle computationally intensive analysis tasks. Visit the SlipStream Appliance: Galaxy Edition website for pricing and other details.

Which Option to Choose?

Your choices depends upon your needs. Here are the options depending on what you need:

Main Local Cloud Appliance Other
Your data sets are moderately sized Yes Yes Yes Yes ?
Your computational requirements are moderate Yes Yes Yes Yes ?
You want to share your Galaxy objects with others Yes Yes Yes Yes ?
All needed tools are installed on Main. Yes ? Yes Yes ?
Your data sets are very large No ? Yes Yes ?
Your computational requirements are very large No ? Yes Yes ?
You have absolute data security requirements No Yes Yes Yes ?
No network transfer of data No Yes No Yes No