GalaxyAdmins December 2016 Meetup

GalaxyAdmins December 2016 Meetup

Date 15 December 2016
Time 5 pm Central European Time. See your local time
Topic 1 Galaxy Training Materials: Community creation, curation, and use, Björn Grüning and Bérénice Batut, University of Freiburg
Topic 2 The new Galaxy Hub: Community creation, curation, and use, Dannon Baker, Johns Hopkins University
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GalaxyAdmins is a discussion group for Galaxy community members who are responsible for Galaxy installations.

Both talks this month are about efforts that have embraced community driven content creation, updating, and sharing. One of them is using GitHub and presentation technologies to make Galaxy training material available online in such a way that anyone can contribute to it. The second talk is about the move of Galaxy's wiki to GitHub and the use of Metalsmith to generate the web site and take advantage of metadata.

Call Technology

GalaxyAdmin Meetup, Online Conference Room

The meetup's online conference room will open 15 minutes before the meetup. The call will use Johns Hopkins' Adobe Connect server, which in turn uses Adobe Flash. You are encouraged to connect a few minutes early to work out any unexpected bumps.

Instructions for Participants

You can ask questions by typing the question in the chat box.